From the World of Research

We are a company founded in November 2020, specializing in the development of Artificial Intelligence predictive models and Data Analysis.


Diego, Biuse, Steven, and Carlos, the founders, are researchers or former researchers at the University of Cantabria (Santander, Spain) with a broad track record of scientific publications in the field of Machine Learning and Data Mining.

Born to Innovate

Deduce Data Solutions (DDS) is the story of a friendship of more than ten years that began in the classrooms of the University, researching in different fields but motivated by the same spirit and passion for artificial intelligence techniques and data analysis.

Our desire is to bring research and innovation to the private sector, supporting the development of ideas with high growth potential with the ultimate goal of promoting the creation of revolutionary products and services.imageWe operate as an independent technological research department that works alongside companies and industries to make them more modern and





Out of the Box

We are governed by three fundamental values: creativity, simplicity, and curiosity. We commit to a deep search to find unique and extraordinary solutions that offer effective and simple results.

We consider every interaction as an opportunity to learn and grow, and curiosity as the path to excellence. If you are looking for innovative and effective solutions, we are the perfect choice for you. Let us show you our creative and straightforward approach that will make your projects stand out and achieve success.









Data scientists at Deduce have authored over 100 scientific articles in data analysis and A.I published in top quartile journals, more than 10 book chapters dedicated to Artificial Intelligence, and co-edited 3 books on Machine Learning.



Deduce is part of the Nvidia Inception Program and has won several awards for proposing innovative solutions since its foundation:

Two of the methods implemented in its clients' products are in the process of being patented.


Strategic Alliances:

With SmartBlue consulting, a leading growth company in Italy in 2021 and 2022, with extensive experience in infrastructure and front-end of large-scale projects. This partnership ensures agility in the industrial-scale implementation of A.I solutions developed by Deduce.

CIC Consulting Informático, with its solid track record since 1990 and presence in over 30 countries, is a key ally of Deduce Data Solutions, providing an essential synergy in the field of computing and communications. The talent and innovation of its team of more than 300 professionals strengthen our joint offering, allowing us to lead digital transformation and excellently meet technological demands in Cantabria.

The legal studio of Castroalonso ensures privacy and proper data handling, especially in sectors such as healthcare.

Additionally, Deduce is part of:

The association of 30 ICT companies in Cantabria.

The Xtela Program, where a set of actions are carried out for Cantabrian companies to work with Startup teams through collaboration agreements to implement solutions for real Industry 4.0 projects.

The Cantabria innovation panel, a meeting point between research and innovative companies.